• Tommy Hyland


“I went to a strange place and found a home. I met strangers and made a family”

The beauty of this country is only matched by the beautiful people I spent my time with here.

“It changed my life”
"Something I will never forget"
“The best time of my life”

I know these are all the worn out cliches for travelling and summer camps which I used to brush aside as well but they are life changing, almost indescribable with words.

There is something about these experiences that sucks you in and gets you to live life in the best way possible full of compassion, energy, love, adventure and time seems to stand still. Any superficial troubles are rain off your back when your job is to spend hours playing games, singing songs, passing on your passions, swimming in the Adriatic sea and letting your inner child loose.

While the ‘real world’ seems to fade away sometimes it will pull at you with troubles but the bonds of support run so strong in these places that you can weather any storm if you choose to lean on those around you.

I went over with the job description of a teacher but what I learned far exceeded anything I could teach; how to break language barriers, how to connect with people instantly, how to do a bird whistle, how to support people, how to dance salsa, how to get excited about ANYTHING, how to respect people's differences, how to honor everything that we as humans have in common and most importantly how to be grateful for every moment. These and so much more are the lessons from my time in Croatia which I will carry with me wherever I go in the future. Whether I received it from a close friend or an eight year old camper the message was just as powerful and I am so grateful for everything I received over the summer.

Till next time Croatia ❤